WOW! Amazing funny monkey videos playing with girl – What girl want to do wild monkey?

WOW! Amazing funny monkey videos playing with the girl – What girl want to do wild monkey? Cute baby monkey eating and playing. Amazing girl not scares monkey and playing with the wild monkey is very funny. The monkeys at Angkor Wat, then you’ve not seen anything yet! Actually, these beautiful little monkeys are the smart monkey, they are cuter than anything! You can see them on the way to Angkor Wat and they are often seen sitting under a tree waiting for someone to feed them.

Very funny video girl playing with the monkey and look amazing. These stunning little baby monkey creatures are friendly and if you have a few bananas and a bottle of water, they will warm to you immediately. Throughout the whole day, you will see these Pigtail monkeys, Macaque monkeys along the side of the road, eagerly waiting for people to stop to get a free handout. All monkeys are very very happy to eat and playing at their forest.

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