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Funny Monkey babies – Playing like Little imps!

Barbary macaque babies playing at Trentham Monkey forest, United Kingdom. 1080p HD video shot entirely with freely roaming monkey babies. Hope this gets into your child’s favourite videos list. aap, majmun, قرد, կապիկ, meymun, tximinoa, Малпа, বানর, маймуна, mono, unggoy, 猴子, opice, simio, ahv, apina, Singe, Affe, μαϊμού, વાંદરું, makak, קוף, बंदर, liab, majom, monyet, […]

FUNNY BIRD DANCING ? Jake Paul Dab on them haters, DanTDM Dab Police (Pets/Animals Dabbing Video)

DABBING BIRD! (Hilariously FUNNY) Jake Paul dab on them haters. DanTDM DABBING BIRD! Funny Pets/Animal video doing the dab dance. Ultimate Try Not To Laugh Or Grin Impossible Challenge video. TWITTER: Twitter.com/BlakeMurphy_ INSTAGRAM: Instagram.com/BlakeMurphy1995 SNAPCHAT: BlakeMurphySnap #Pets #Animals #happy #trending #funny #comedy #entertainment #blakemurphy Logan Paul Vlogs. Dab crab turtle does a dab. Family Friendly […]

Hybrid Animals: 25 Incredible Fictional Funny Hybrid Animals

http://www.petbuzzusa.com/ Hybrid Animals can be amazing. What do you get when you cross a lion with a tiger? How about a zebra with a horse? Believe it or not these are not the first lines of terrible jokes, but real scientific questions with real living answers. In this video you will fictional hybrid animals but […]

Wild Animal Friends VLOG

Hanging with friendly wild animals and rescuing them from danger. Raccoons, turtles, ducks, snakes, spiders, scorpions, catfish and many, many others. Fascinating wild animals are always sitting in the road and I take advantage of the opportunity to admire them and then escort them out of harms way. Crowded big city life can sometimes be […]

Nature Is So Majestic! Very Funny Animals

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Monkey Alarm Clock & Grinning Horses! // Funny Animal Compilation

SUBSCRIBE TO WAGGLETV to Watch More Animal Videos: https://www.youtube.com/c/WaggleTV Official Instagram: @waggletv Behind-the-scenes Instagram: @waggle_stars Snapchat: waggletv Like us on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/waggletv Check out our website for more cuteness and to get your pet featured: http://www.waggle.tv Waggle delivers your daily fix of LOL pet clips and original content for animal lovers of all ages. Come […]

Elephant MUD BATH!!! Biggest mammal scratches an even bigger itch | Funny & happy African elephant

Isn’t this just the happiest elephant in the world!? He uses the mud to scratch an irritating itch. Funny video of a wild animal from Madikwe Game… source