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Wild Animal Attacks | Animals Gone Wild Compilation

Animals Gone Wild Compilation | Wild Animal Attacks Wild animal attacks on people tourists, hunters and safari enthusiasts, elephants to seals, dogs to cats, horses, crocodiles, and MORE! Stay tuned & Make sure to check back every week Check out more Fails ►… PLEASE: LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 1 (December 2016) || FailArmy

Let us know your favorites in the comments and meet us back here next Friday for Part 2! And send us your funny fail videos at, we want to see them all! Watch Next: Best Fails of the Year 2016 (So Far) Ultimate Fails Compilation 2015 ►►► SUBMIT VIDEOS! SUBSCRIBE! […]

People vs Stairs! FAILS!!! – AUGUST 2017 | Funny Viral Weekly Fail Compilation | The Best Fails

People vs Stairs Fails!!! – AUGUST 2017 (Spoiler: the stairs win) People vs Stairs! Montage selection includes idiots sledding down stairs and crashing, girl face plants at a party, man falls down 2 stories over railing, skater gets owed by 20 set, girl falls sliding on railing, kid daredevils crash epicly, woman trips on the […]

Fails of the Week – AUGUST Week 2 – 2017 | Funny Viral Weekly Fail Compilation | The Best Fails Mo

“You’re DEAD!!!” Another hilarious montage of the best viral videos and FAILS OF THE WEEK for AUGUST 2017. Weekly selection includes a Jeep crashing into a rock, sledder slams sign post, girl gymnastics gone wrong, mom crashes hoverboard into a tree, skydiver passes out, firework fail, kid slams into funhouse wall, man crashes scooter on […]

4TH OF JULY FAILS! – Firework, BBQ and Backyard Fails 2017 | Funny Fail Compilation | Best Fails

4TH OF JULY FAILS! – Firework, BBQ and Backyard Fails 2017. Weekly selection includes idiots lighting a mortar in a trash can, BBQ grill catching fire, tetherball to the face, old man roman candle fails, grandma gets too close to a firecracker, burnt chicken on the grill, fire pit explosions, firework makes car alarms go […]

Best EPIC FAILS of April 2017 – Week 1 | Funny Fail Compilation

EPIC FAILS! Brand new weekly compilation from The Best Fails of the funniest idiot pranks and fails. Selection includes zipline slams, grandma gets a frisbee to the face, epic scare cams, basketball dunk fails, martial arts high kick falls, parkour rail hits, funny girl trampoline fails, bloopers, outtakes and moments caught on tape. Check out […]